Comes from:

Genesis 50:20

You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people. The brand was created by people criticized me for my personality and my style.

Some called me BOUGIE Some called me WILD. I put it together and created Bougiewild.

Bougiewild Can't Be Boxed Free To Be Me
Society subconsciously criticizes people who are different and don’t fit in to the social norm of the environment and experiences. They try to put people in a box. When a person is different, they people try to treat you like it’s something wrong with you. Bougiewild’s purpose is to express that is ok to evolve. To tell people, don’t allow the environment you were raised in to cause you to conform to the social norm. Be original, do you it works. A lot of people are unhappy because they are afraid to be themselves.

Bougiewild is a movement. The vision is to inspire individuals to embrace who they are. Bougiewild is a mindset to be free to be yourself. Bougiewild encourages working on becoming the best version of self. Bougiewild offers motivation to work out, good eating, and the importance of training the mind.
Bougiewild’s encourages people to be free to be me. Be original; do you it works. Become the best version of yourself by not allowing the social norm to cause you to conform. Live a balanced life and be free to be yourself. Love yourself, know yourself, be yourself, and express yourself. To inform people that you are protected because we are connected. Know your POWER!
Bougiewild’s mission is to share life experiences through having motivational conversations from a humble, transparent, and vulnerable place to become self-aware of the importance of being authentic to oneself. To inspire individuals to embrace who they are and work on becoming the best version of themselves. To tell people to allow their light to shine!

Bougiewild is a personality and style, thereby offering clothing that caters to every personality. Inspirational garments promote being free to be yourself because the power is within us. Activewear, Bougiewild promotes the importance of loving self through taking care of your temple. Bougiewild also offers motivational material to help you live a conscious awareness life by making intentional choices.

About the Founder:

Yolanda J. Crump lives a purposeful life, sharing her experiences from a humble, transparent, and vulnerable place to encourage people not to allow themselves to conform.
Yolanda's wisdom stems from, at 15, becoming a mom; living as an adult. At age 17, Yolanda was the mother of two and a high school drop-out. Entering the world at such a vulnerable age, Yolanda discovered the Holy Spirit and acknowledged the POWER that lives within her. Yolanda refused to allow her environment, situation, or circumstances to conform to social norms. While exposed to criticism from family, peers, and society, Yolanda was determined not to do to the patterns of the world in which she was born.
Today, Yolanda is a college graduate and a full-time entrepreneur. Yolanda blossomed into a woman of character, integrity, love, joy, peace, and laughter. Yolanda is in the service of helping and inspiring others by sharing her journey of becoming the best version of herself. Yolanda has always aspired to grow.
Entering the world as a child, I have always turned a negative into a positive. Society tried to put me in a box. I took what was intended to cause me harm and turned it into good.